5 Basics of Photo ID Name Badge Design

For many companies, hiring new employees means a strenuous onboarding process. Part of that process is usually having new photo ID name badges created. Many times, it’s the first thing you do when you hire new personnel. It serves as their identification with the company, allows access into key areas, and can offer many more benefits depending on your industry. 

Employee Photo ID name tags can be a powerful tool for helping create your workplace culture. A lot of its usefulness depends on how much TLC you put into the photo ID name badge design. Here are five key components that need a little extra attention when creating a photo ID name tag.

1. Employee Picture

A photo of the employee is a crucial part of a photo ID name badge. It adds a layer of security by making it more difficult for others to impersonate an employee. It also adds a more personal touch to your company. When everyone’s face is on their ID name badge, it sends the message that you care about them as individuals. 

You know how difficult it is to take a good ID photo. Consider giving your employees the option of submitting one of their own photos for their ID. Also, check out some of our tips for taking great photos on ID badges.

2.  Full-Color Company Logo

One of the most important elements of a photo ID name badge is your company’s full-color logo. It provides some huge benefits. Firstly, it customizes your company’s name tags and makes them unique. This makes them hard to duplicate or replace with a fake ID. Another benefit is the unity and sense of belonging it provides for your staff or employees. They will feel like they are part of the larger group. 

You may also get a little bit of marketing juice from putting your logo on any type of name tag. If employees wear them and stop to grab a coffee on their way to work or stop by the grocery store on their way home, their name badge will help get your brand and logo in front of more people. 

3. Fun, Personal Information

Photo ID name tags have plenty of room for a little additional information. Even a traditional-sized name tag has room for a positional title or nickname. The style of an ID badge offers a bit more room if you want to add more information. Depending on the size of your operations, you may add a title, department, fun fact about the employee, or their favorite motto. 

 You could also include practical information about your employees, such as their employee numbers, specialties, or certifications. It can help supervisors keep up with qualifications, but it can also provide an incentive for your employees to work toward improvements and certifications. Being able to add a new qualification is a powerful motivator.

4. Employee Signature

Photo Id name badges that contain an employee signature add another level of security. It’s not easy to copy someone’s signature. Including it on employee name tags can discourage would-be intruders. A signature can also help make the ID badge more personal to each employee. It’s a simple act but singing their own name card gives them a sense of ownership.

5, Color Coding

Companies with numerous divisions or departments may want to try color-coding photo ID name badges. Color coding can be helpful in helping build rapport and increasing team spirit. Using various colors can also be helpful in identifying what type of work an employee does at a glance. 

Again, color coding name tags can also help add another layer of protection. Color-coded ID name badges give a would-be intruder another layer to decipher. Adding one more layer to the puzzle they have to figure out may be what dissuades them from making an attempt. 

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