2 Great Ways to Up Your Event Name Tag Game

Name tags are a staple at conferences and events. They are a simple way to add value to your event and communicate your high level of professionalism. As we continue to return to live events, it’s time to up our game when it comes to name tag design. 

 On one hand, high-quality name badges have been the standard for business events, trade shows, and corporate meetings. No matter what the industry, name tags help encourage networking and relationships at a professional level. Business pros have counted on a traditional design to provide a professional look at events and in the corporate setting. 

 But times are changing, and it’s time to up your event name tag game! At Name Tag Pros, we’re offering you these tips for creating event name tags. Let us help you stand out in a crowd!

Tip 1: Event Name Tags Should Be Practical

Name badges should look good, of course. But they also need to be practical. Choosing an appropriate design and size is important. Attendees should be able to easily read names and titles. You may consider using a color-coded system to identify the various roles by using different colors for vendors, guests, speakers, or exhibitors. 

You may want to consider adding an extra layer of security to your event by using ID name badges. This style also allows for extras like printing the schedule on the back of the name tag. Adding other practical information to name tags such as a table number if you have assigned seats, or a WiFi password helps step up your event experience.

Tip 2: Include Gender-Neutral Pronouns

When hosting an event, it’s important to make sure all of your attendees feel welcome, safe, and included. One way to accomplish this is to include gender pronouns on your name tags. This helps improve and encourage communication efforts. Displaying pronouns helps prevent awkward moments and helps ensure everyone is comfortable at your event. 

You can easily and courteously ask for the attendee’s pronouns in the sign-up process. Gender-neutral pronouns are usually added in an extra line underneath the attendee’s name. No matter what style of name tag you choose for your event, we are happy to accommodate by adding pronouns for your attendees. 

Want Exceptional Event Name Tags? Call Name Tag Pros!

We’ve been doing name tags for decades. You can count on our experience and expertise when it comes to designing and creating your event name tags. We make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible. You can choose to call us, email us, or fill out our online form whichever is the most convenient option for you. Then, it’s simple. Tell us what you want – and let us do it! Let Name Tag Pros help you step up your event name badge game! Contact us today!

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