The 10 Commandments for Perfect Event Name Badges

Event name badges are a critical component of any successful conference, tradeshow, or corporate retreat. Sometimes, they are the most overlooked. Let’s face it, you’re putting all your efforts toward getting the best speakers and guests, and reaching your revenue goals. But it’s good to remember that ultimately, it’s attendees who make or break the event. They are most likely there to make connections and network. That’s just one thing that makes conference and event name tags so important. Name tags help facilitate networking. Your goal surpasses making this year’s event a huge success; you want to make sure it attracts attendees for years to come.   

Event Name Tag 10 Commandments

1. Align with your conference goals.

The very first question to ask yourself in the process of ordering name tags for events is, what are the goals of your event? Name tags should always align with the goals of the event. For example, if you want to make your company stand out as an industry leader, you’ll want to make sure your brand is the focus.

2. Quality always matters.

You know you can go the cheap route and print out name tags. But before you run over to your ink-jet printer, ask yourself if that is the image you really want to portray. Attendees know when you try to just cut costs. It may save you money, but it will cost you in quality and reputation. 

3, Choose an appropriate size.

In general, for events, bigger name tags are better. However, you don’t want them to be so large attendees feel like they are wearing a huge sign. Choose a name badge that is manageable and easy to read.

4. Match your brand with colors.

Event name tags are part of your marketing collateral. Make sure your brand colors stand out. Add your full-color logo to your event name badges. At Name Tag Pros, we can help you design a full-color logo name tag that is pristine and uncluttered  

5. Choose easy-to-read fonts.

name tags are about them too! Make sure their names are easy to read. Avoid script fonts that can be difficult to read. We’ll help you choose a great-looking serif or sans-serif font to make sure your event name badges look good and can be easily read.

6. Get the right lanyard.

Depending on your name tag style, you may need to select a lanyard. It may seem small, but it plays a role in the attendee experience. Our lanyards are a standard size. This ensures they are not too tight or too long.

7. Personalization is essential.

If you don’t want your attendees to feel like just another number, make them feel special with personalized event name tags. You may choose to use photo ID name badges. This encourages connections and helps with starting conversations. Another option is adding a line of personal information such as the company they represent, their role, or their pronouns.  

8. Create revenue opportunities.

Conference name tags can offer you more opportunities to generate revenue. Attendees often keep their event name badges after events. They are also seen widely throughout the event. Depending on the nature of your event, brands may choose to sponsor it. Selling sponsorship to companies who will have their brand displayed on your name tags can bring in a little extra revenue.

9. Simplicity is key.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to designing your conference or corporate event name tags. Just remember that every item you add takes up valuable real estate on the name tag. Stick to the basics of your design and remember to keep it simple.

10. Make your badges social.

Any marketing professional will emphasize the importance of social media. A conference is designed to be a social event. Of course, you want your attendees to mix, mingle, and communicate. This makes your event enjoyable and makes it more likely that they will return next year. You can add social handles to your conference name tags. It can offer another way for attendees to connect with one another and with your company. These types of connections are sure to continue even after the event has ended.

Get Your Professional Event Name Badges from Name Tag Pros!

Whether you have a design and are ready to order, or need a little help with the design, or don’t even know where to start, Name Tag Pros can help! You have a reputation for quality, and we can help you preserve that by providing you with high-quality name tags for your event attendees. Call us today and let us help you put the finishing touches on your event. Our hassle-free ordering process makes your event name badges one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

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