Tips for Designing Volunteer Name Badges

Customer-facing businesses, non-profits, and other organizations that interact with the public should have official name badges for staff members. This allows customers and public guests to identify those associated with the company or organization. Name tags also help consumers feel more comfortable approaching your representatives when they have a question or need help with a product or service. Name tags are also useful for people working an event, as they help instill confidence and encourage feelings of belonging, comfort, and safety. It just makes sense then to provide volunteer name badges too. 

Why Use Volunteer Name Tags?

If your event, business, or organization utilizes volunteers to help keep things running smoothly, it’s essential that they are identified as part of your team. A personalized volunteer name badge sets them apart from customers and shows that they are available to provide assistance. When volunteers wear your full-color logo name tag, it encourages personal connections and lets others know where to go if they need help or directions.

Are Volunteer Name Tags a Good Fit for My Organization?

There are many businesses, organizations, and events that benefit from volunteers. Name badges are especially helpful in sensitive environments where children may be present. Volunteer name tags should be worn for several reasons. They offer a quick, easy way to identify a person’s role on the site and within the organization. Some examples of places where volunteer name badges are particularly important include:

  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Hospitals 
  • Churches and church programs
  • Community outreaches or events
  • Large private events
  • Charity events
  • Prison OutreachLorem 

If your business or event has numerous volunteers coming and going, it just makes sense to identify them using a name tag. 

Choosing a Volunteer Name Tag Style

You’ll find plenty of affordable and creative options at Name Tag Pros. There are many different styles to choose from, and your choice will ultimately depend on your needs and the size of your volunteer team. If you are planning an annual community event, you may want to go with a reusable name tag so that volunteer names can be changed regularly. If you have a team of volunteers who are available all of the time or serve regularly, you can use your company’s full-color logo name tag with minor adaptations. For example, you can use your employee name badge design, and instead of their title or position, just use “volunteer.” 

What Information Should Volunteer Name Tags Include?

Your volunteer’s name tags don’t have to be much different than your present employee name tag design. Most staff name badges include the person’s name, their title or position, and your company logo. Volunteer name badges can contain the same information if you want to achieve a cohesive look. Design the name tags to include the title “volunteer” instead of the title or position of an employee. Name tags for your volunteers can help with branding efforts by displaying your logo or brand name, just like other name tags. Here are a few items to consider putting on your volunteer name tags.

  • Do you have someone who provides translation services? Include a line that informs people that they can interact with the wearer in that language.
  • If your volunteer brings in a therapy dog or service animal to your healthcare facility, identify them on their name tag to encourage safe interactions. 
  • You may have volunteers who work in your museum or gallery. Add conversation-starting phrases to volunteer name tags like “Ask me about…” 
  • If you have volunteers who’ve been working with your organization for years, consider including the year they came on board. This demonstrates their dedication and experience.

Get Your Volunteer Name Tags

The experts at Name Tag Pros understand that your volunteer turnover may fluctuate, so you need name badges that are easy on your budget. We can help you create custom volunteer name tags that are affordable without compromising on quality. Contact us today and let us get started designing name tags for the volunteers who make a difference for your organization or business.

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