Do You Really Need Restaurant Name Tags?

The restaurant industry relies on courteous, attentive, and prompt service. Customers who are unsure who it is that is serving them, may not have an enjoyable experience at the eating establishment. A customer shouldn’t have to continually try to remember what their waiter or waitress looked like. If they must keep asking if a person is their server, they are not getting the proper service. 

Wal-Mart is credited to be the first business that required all its employees to wear name badges. This includes every employee from part-time workers to executives. Sam Walton was known to wear a name tag. He wanted customers to be on a first-name basis with employees.  Walton knew that employee name tags were key to strong employee-customer relationships and that is key to memorable shopping experiences. His desire was for all his customers to be greeted as if they were entering his own home.

Importance of Restaurant Name Tags

Wearing name tags has more value than just identifying staff to customers. Even though it is beneficial to know people you are doing business with, the benefits go way beyond that. There have been numerous studies that determined the importance of employee name tags. About 96% of those surveyed considered it to be extremely important. About 70% determined that it is important to be able to identify employees by name. And 76% indicated they felt a business was more trustworthy and professional when employees wear name tags.

Restaurant Name Tags and Branding

Name tags provide an excellent opportunity for branding. You can customize name badges with your logo, colors, and other identifying features. Branding creates a comfortable, accessible, and approachable environment for customers. Name tag specifics often help prompt dialogue between your customers and staff.

Clearly Identifying Staff Members

Restaurant name tags help clear up confusion or frustrations for customers who can easily identify your staff members and their roles. It can prevent customers from addressing their needs to the wrong person. They can more easily identify servers and hostesses and know exactly who to give their order. They don’t have to turn to call servers by “miss” or “sir.” You may want to consider adding pronouns to name badges so there’s even more clarity.

Reusable Name Badges Offer Flexibility

Reusable name tags allow you to change names and messages. You can change the message to fit occasions, seasons, or holidays. They provide a space to promote your restaurant’s specials. Employees become a type of brand ambassador that promotes your food establishment.

Additionally, employee name tags fit into your corporate image and become part of your marketing plan. Restaurant name tags should be uniform and distinguishable. Magnetic reusable name tags are user-friendly. They don’t peel off like cheap paper tags, and they will not damage uniforms or clothing like pins backings.

Order Your Restaurant Name Badges from Name Tag Pros

Are you ready to order your restaurant name tags? They offer many benefits for restaurants and other types of food establishments. They help create a friendly environment. Think of Cheers, where everyone knows your name! Name badges are like a quick introduction that creates an instant connection between your restaurant staff and customers.

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