6 Essentials of Personalized Name Tags

Even if you’ve never designed a name badge for any reason, designing personalized name tags is pretty easy. It’s safe to say that you want your name tags to stand out, be different from the rest. That may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually a relatively easy process. Take a look at these six easy ways to personalize name tags.

Names on Personalized Name Tags

It seems like it’s stating the obvious, but the person’s name is, of course, the focal point of a name badge. This critical feature deserves a lot of attention, even though it seems trivial to bring it up. You can select any font you want, so choose a style that will match your logo. You can choose to use just first names or use a person’s full name. If your setting is informal, first names are adequate. In formal settings, first and last names are fitting.

Company Names and Titles on Name Badges

Most business name tags include company names. However, if your company logo includes the company name, it may not be necessary to duplicate it. This allows more room for employee titles or information about event attendees. Another option is your company or organization's motto or slogan. 

Graphics and Logos on Personalized Name Tags

A full-color logo looks great on a name badge, and it has marketing benefits too. There’s no right place to put a logo, although it is commonly placed on the right-hand side of the name tag. Since you want to personalize name tags, you can put your logo at the top, bottom, or anywhere in between. You just want the name badge to remain consistent with your brand. Another consideration is if the name tag will be worn with a company uniform. If your logo is embroidered on employee uniforms, you may not want to put it on your name tags, for instance.

Name Tag Material

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when choosing a name tag design is the material. Both metal and plastic engraved name tags are durable options. However, they each have unique a unique look and feel. Plastic name badges are available in a wide variety of colors, while metal name tags add a little more class. Of course, there are plenty of upscale name tags to choose from if you want to give your event a little extra flair.

Personalize Name Tags with Color

It may seem like a name tag’s color is minor. But it is one way to make your name tags unique. If your name badges include a logo, you’ll want to make sure the name tag color or design is complementary. Even choosing silver over gold metal name tags can make a stark difference. Of course, if your company has a branding color, you’ll want to stay with that. Just choose a color to match your needs.

Photo Id Name Tags

Photo ID name tags can add a level of security to your business or event. They are a versatile option and highly customizable. You can add titles, names, photos, and more information. Photo IDs provide a unique means of identifying employees or students as well as relevant information.

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